The Sustainability EDIT

Discover how the industry has been expanding the use of sustainable fabrics and processes in their assortments over time, as well as the pricing and performance metrics behind eco-friendly products.

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Sustainability in 2021 and beyond

The need for sustainability in fashion is more dire than ever. While many retailers have bolstered their sustainability goals to hit targets by 2030 and onward, greater urgency is required.

This is where the EDITED Retail Intelligence Platform can help. Using real-time global data from 40+ markets, EDITED tracks the number of styles launched, discounted and sold out each day, giving retailers visibility of what products are working well. Retailers then have the power to make more informed decisions and adjust assortments accordingly.


Expert industry analysis

By embracing data an AI, retailers are taking responsibility for the industry's greener future. With wider market analysis and EDITED data, we uncover a deeper understanding of what sustainable fashion looks like in retail today and in the years to come.

Customer stories

How PUMA uses EDITED to generate more sales

EDITED insights help guide our decisions throughout each stage of the retail planning cycle and have become integral to how we approach our product, promotional and pricing strategies.

"EDITED has been extremely helpful in helping us reach our sales increases and drive growth."

Katie Darling
VP of Retail Merchandising
Customer stories
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