The EDITED Homeware Ecommerce Playbook

Forecasted to reach $838.6 billion by 2027, the homeware sector poses a lucrative opportunity for traditional retailers to embrace market intelligence and challenge the growing number of fast fashion brands evolving into lifestyle businesses. Our playbook contextualizes EDITED homeware data to help retailers win by staying competitive in this ever-growing category.

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The evolution of the homeware market

The market has seen disruption in recent times with the rise of pandemic work from home culture, social media, and Generation Rent - affecting how we purchase and display homeware. Traditional homeware retailers operating in brick-and-mortar showrooms have struggled, highlighting the importance of ecommerce investment across all sectors of the market.


Ecommerce retailers stand to gain insights from EDITED, including real-time market updates, support with expansion into new regions and greater visibility to product distribution patterns. All of which are not viable from traditional brick-and-mortar operations.


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Using real-time global data from 40+ markets, EDITED tracks the number of styles launched, discounted and sold out each day, giving retailers visibility of what products are working well. Retailers then have the power to adjust assortments accordingly, investing in only the right products at the right price at the right time to help maximize profits and minimize the number of unsold goods.


In this report we cover:

 The evolution of the homeware market and the acceleration of ecommerce

How to compete with the right assortment, pricing and timing


Customer stories

How N Brown uses EDITED to optimize their assortment and range planning in homeware

EDITED has given us great insight into shaping both our long-term and short-term trading plans. Particularly for our homeware categories, the Market Intelligence Platform has supported us in creating our range landscape, along with any pricing and launch decisions.

"With in-depth market analysis, EDITED has supplied us with actionable insights, influencing product decisions around color palette, prints and shape."

Julia Barnes
Senior Buyer - Home Decor
Tommy Hilfiger