Uncovering expansion opportunities with Retail Market Intelligence

With different regions at various stages of recovery, savvy retailers need to look outside of their comfort zones to identify opportunities and minimize risk. In this report, we highlight the three areas where your business can win by focusing on market, category and vertical expansion.

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Retailers need a global perspective

Analyzing the top performing worldwide trends reaffirms the need for investment in ecommerce and data. The hottest items are global and move fast, which means retailers need to have a 360 degree view of the market.


Using EDITED Market Intelligence, retailers can monitor how these trends evolve in the market, allowing them to react and invest at the optimal time. This will minimize the risk of delivering a product when the market is saturated, leading to increased discounts eating into margins.

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EDITED helps with understanding the current product penetration in the category or market that you’re trying to expand into. Identifying areas of white space in your competitors' assortment or third party retail partners is key to uncovering expansion opportunities. Our retail experts share insights into:

  Southern Hemisphere opportunities  

  The major data-driven insights shaping untapped European markets

  The categories you need to include in your assortment and how to price them globally

Customer stories

How PUMA uses EDITED to generate more sales

EDITED insights help guide our decisions throughout each stage of the retail planning cycle and have become integral to how we approach our product, promotional and pricing strategies.

"EDITED has been extremely helpful in helping us reach our sales increases and drive growth."

Katie Darling
VP of Retail Merchandising
Customer stories