EDITED acquires DynamicAction

We're proud to announce that we have acquired DynamicAction, the leader in internal retail analytics. As the first fully integrated retail automation system, EDITED and DynamicAction combine deep insight from what’s happening within a retailer’s business with what’s happening across the global market. 

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Retail analytics and insights at your fingertips

With DynamicAction, opportunities for action are prioritized by their impact, and are continually measured and easily viewable. By automating digital merchandise sorting to clear old and seasonal overstocks, Merchandising and eCommerce teams can run more efficient product lines, sell more at full price, capitalize on demand and increase profit.
Users can also monitor new product launches, site changes and product performance daily to evaluate their success and ensure the strongest products are prioritized in category and search results grid pages.

A note from EDITED

“Retail has experienced 10 years of e-commerce growth in the span of a year. It is the key channel for success. Our acquisition of DynamicAction marks a significant milestone in our mission to transform the future of e-commerce.
Together we can leverage AI across all parts of a business, unlocking never before seen retail automation. This brings us one step closer to the industry’s objective of high-speed retailing.
- Geoff Watts, CEO and Co-Founder of EDITED

Who is DynamicAction?

DynamicAction helps retailers understand what is going on inside their business by using the retailer's internal data.
Connecting and analyzing millions of data points from every part of a retail organization, DynamicAction uses more than 2500 proprietary algorithms to pinpoint margin-eating disconnects in the business, prescribe the precise actions to take and accurately rank those actions by financial impact.

A note from DynamicAction 

“Data-driven decision making has always been our goal for retailers, and we’ve taken a big step forward to insight-driven action. With the backing of great investors and customers, we have focused hard to find faster, smarter ways to empower merchants, marketers and brand operating teams.
Now, as part of EDITED, we’re thrilled to join Geoff and his team to deliver a market leading platform of deeply connected data, insight and actions that leading retailers and brands will adopt to thrive and succeed.”
- John Squire, CEO and Co-Founder of DynamicAction
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The EDITED team is committed to helping retailers move with precision and agility, while taking the risk out of retailing.

By leveraging AI developed by EDITED and DynamicAction, we’re empowering retailers with even greater transparency into the data-driven insights and market intelligence they need to make more profitable decisions.

Together, the product suite will solidify stronger retail strategies and operations for our customers, driving actionable insights, higher margins and profitability through a single solution.


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EDITED insights help guide our decisions throughout each stage of the retail planning cycle and have become integral to how we approach our product, promotional and pricing strategies.

"EDITED has been extremely helpful in helping us reach our sales increases and drive growth."

Katie Darling
VP of Retail Merchandising
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