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Welcome to the first annual EDITED Women ERG report! It’s been a busy year, from launching in early March 2021 and hosting our first International Women’s Day event. We’re proud that EDITED’s staff is 67% women and are excited to share how we’ve been working behind the scenes to support an empathetic, diverse and inclusive workplace.


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The EDIT Magazine

Though it won't appear on any newsstand, The EDIT serves to share trends we see in data and the stories that matter to global retailers and brands. They comprise historical research collected over ten years as well as real time metrics delivered from EDITED's Market & Enterprise Platform that sources 4+ billion SKU's everyday.


Quarterly Industry Review: Q2 2022

Each quarter EDITED's retail analyst team focuses on the top trends and stories shaping retail, from sustainability and inflation to in-depth monthly reporting on key categories such as Intimates, Streetwear, Homeware and Luxury fashion. This data-filled report captures the trends and insights that impacted the second quarter of 2022.

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