Exclusive Reports


Welcome to the first annual EDITED Women ERG report! It’s been a busy year, from launching in early March 2021 and hosting our first International Women’s Day event. We’re proud that EDITED’s staff is 67% women and are excited to share how we’ve been working behind the scenes to support an empathetic, diverse and inclusive workplace.


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The EDITED Annual Data Dive: 2021

Despite the turbulence of 2021, retailers were better prepared for the challenges the year brought, actioning best practices learned throughout the pandemic to stay ahead of an ever-changing situation. EDITED uses its world-class data suite to uncover 2021’s key learnings and help shape retailer strategies in 2022 and beyond


Quarterly Industry Review: Q1 2022

Each quarter EDITED's retail analyst team focuses on the top trends and stories shaping retail, from sustainability and inflation to in-depth monthly reporting on key categories such as Intimates, Streetwear, Homeware and Luxury fashion. This data-filled report captures the trends and insights that impacted the first quarter of 2022.